Product Care Guide



Take your cashmere coat to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in handling delicate fabrics. 


  • Turn the iron to the medium setting and allow it to heat completely.
  • Place the coat on an ironing board or other flat surface, with the outside of the coat facing up.
  • Place a damp cloth on top of the wrinkled area.
  • Iron the wrinkled area through the damp cloth.


  • Clean your cashmere coats before placing into storage.
  • Hang your coat and cover with a dust bag.
  • Place the coat in a clean place that is free from damp conditions and away from sunlight.




    In addition to dry cleaning, cashmere and wool sweaters can also be kept in great condition through proper hand washing.

    Hand Washing:

    • Turn it inside out before washing for extra protection, immerse your garment in a solution of cold water (below 30ºC/86F.) and a gentle wool wash product.
    • When washing by hand, do not rub but instead squeeze the suds gently through the fabric.
    • Never wring or stretch the fabric in any way.

    Drying tips:
    • Gently press excess water out of your garment, place it on a dry towel and carefully roll it up.
    • Allow the towel to absorb as much of the moisture as possible, shape the garment and lay it flat in a shady spot to dry.
    • Avoid any direct heat such as radiators or strong sunlight.
    • Never hang cashmere to dry, as this will cause lines and stretch marks.
    • Do not use any type of iron on your cashmere garment in order to remove possible creases. Instead, smooth your cashmere gently back into its original shape.

      Storage tips:
      • Fold knitwear rather than hanging to keep the garment’s shape.
      • Mothballs and cedar chips help protect wool from moths.