It began with cashmere...

Mountains of sketches drafted. Endless fittings withstood. Every piece examined. And not a detail was missed. You're just in time. Our Signature Cashmere Coat Collection has arrived.




Artisan stitching techniques are required to achieve a flawless finish and invisible seams. Our coats are entirely handmade.




We share a parent factory with renowned brands. Each coat endures at least ten fittings and modifications for precise fit so our quality is irrefutable. We strive to create pieces that withstand the test of wear and time.


Double-faced cashmere is not only comfortable but also functional. This luxurious fabric yields three times the amount of insulation of sheep wool thereby reducing heat loss and increasing warmth.


Wind protection

By trapping air between two layers of cashmere, air penetration is limited to reduce wind-chill and provide protection where you need it.



Genuine cashmere is very lightweight and our 100% real, natural materials bring you a product that’s both versatile and sensible.

Who We Are

Mute is a designer womenswear label creating contemporary pieces that are unique yet wearable. Launched in October 2014 by Joanne Lu, we design limited edition collections in San Francisco and hand stitched the clothes out of our  handcrafted studio. Inspired by the mild Northern California climate, we do not follow traditional seasonal cycles in our design process. Rather, each piece is wearable year round and can be layered with ease or as a powerful piece on its own.

What We Do

Mute specializes in womenswear designed to illustrate the subtlety in style of minimalist philosophy. Each piece begins with a story and each story can be found in the knit, the shape, the texture, or in the pattern of our clothes. We emphasize quality, comfort, and detail so each item is durable and created for day-to-day life.  
All of our pieces are produced in limited batches from our handcrafted studio and carefully packaged and shipped from San Francisco to their destinations.