Style’d SF: Kamryn Dame Is Any Chic Style Mavens Friend

Style’d SF: Kamryn Dame Is Any Chic Style Mavens Friend


And she’s letting you take risks — designer Nazy Fotoohi takes great pride in creating for the modern woman.

Reinterpreting styles from the Italian architect Andrea Branzi’s “1969 Mies chair,” Nazy has designed her second collection to speak to the modern and well-minded woman is all the more fearless. Attributing to his role in the “Italian Radical Architecture Movement,” Nazy took key notes of his feats and applied to her line that has radically shifted since launch. Even more chic than before.

Born from Persian decent and raised in South Florida, Nazy’s foray into design was sparked while she was searching for a special piece of jewelry to gift a cousin on her wedding day. She decided to transform a brooch and family heirloom, giving it new life. From there, Nazy - who’s grandmother Kamryn had amassed a collection she adored as a child- began tinkering, re-vamping, and studying the craft of jewelry design. Now with the launch of Spring 2017, she has found her voice and method, having already gained fans including TV Personality Maria Menounos, and Tales of Endearment’s founder Natalie Joos.

And best yet, everything designed under brand is made exclusively in the states. Her commitment to local is admirable. 

Get to know the newest collection — It’s hella beautiful and we want it all.