Lilarice Jewelry

Lilarice Jewelry



The collection consists of strong architectural pieces, individually handcrafted to provide a personalized touch. Her work embodies the opposing elements: the masculine and feminine, the organic and the industrial, and the antiquated relic and the modern classic. Lila's pieces come in a variety of metals ranging from brass to gold, and in a range of complex textured finishes. Lila produces all of her pieces by hand here in NYC, so she has full control of her production, ensuring she can maintain sustainable and ethical business practices. Please email for wholesale prices + styling and all press requests.


At a certain moment, an immeasurable time ago, Lila realised that she had met the sometimes inevitable fate of a young person raised by self-employed artists: she fell into a heady and irresistible romance with working with ones own hands. The love affair was with metal, and it was serious. Given her background in Socio-cultural anthropology from studying at the University of California at Berekely, it is no surprise that she has a preoccupation with symbols and ornamentation. The idea that the pieces she handmakes in her New York studio will someday outlast us all is something that inspires her and is a reality that she does not take lightly. Her work embodies the opposing elements: the masculine and the feminine, the organic and the industrial, the antiquated relic, and the contemporary classic. Powerful in both construction and symbolism, LILA RICE jewelry is certainly worthy of being around for as long as humans seek the need to feel strong, beautiful and self-possessed.