Drink by Light

Drink by Light


The first ray of light shimmers through peach coloured glasses.

A bowl of sweet cherries accompany a sculpted water vessel, which sits demurely on the edge of the table.

Tea time arrives in the form of an elegant silver pot, a marble sphere keeping in the warmth of roasted oolong.

As the sun moves across the sky, the bright, midday sun casts soft shadows onto the linen tablecloth, through a filter of sparkling champagne glasses.

Shadows extend further as dusk sets in; the effervescence of champagne bubbles slow down, to make room for the deep, earthy flavours of whiskey.

A martini goblet featuring a subtle sheen, accented with a perfectly balanced olive, transitions the mood into evening. A soft glow forms around a glass decanter, as the horizon turns to a dark, violet hue.